Organic Composting


Composts, when done correctly, can be an extremely useful and helpful way to feed soil organically. But if you are like my family, our neglected compost bin is not what composting should be. Picture a really worn down pile of leaves and branches that are just sitting in a pile (there may also be some random pits of pumpkins in their as well and weeds growing which is NOT supposed to be in a compost). The compost at my home is one of the unfortunate cases of compost gone wrong.

Most composts, as stated in various organic farming books, should be built in layers.

soil composting

After these layers are built and time has been given for decomposition, the soil should be a deep brown or black color and smell like the earth (if you decide to smell the soil, you will know what I mean).



When it comes to creating a compost though, there are certain things that should and should not be put into the compost pile ( my compost pile is the perfect example of what not to put in a compost).

What to put in compost

organic wastes, manure, and grass cuttings; really anything that will decompose

Don’t put:

weeds, bones, cooking oil, infected plants, and anything that will not decompose

What happens:

Bacteria, microbes, will break down the organic material and release the nutrients that could not have been provided without the bacteria

Note: There must be a good carbon/nitrogen ratio, “the ratio governs the speed at which the microbes decompose organic waste”. If you put in the right amount of materials you will have a correct ratio.

For more information on composting please visit this helpful video:

I plan on repairing my composted pile this summer; I am not sure how successful this will be but I think it is worth a try! Wish me luck!


F. Goldman




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